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Joshua C. Snable, founder and partner of Snable Law, LLC, believes that your case belongs to you, not to us. Your claim cannot be bought or sold, and we value each and every client who has entrusted us as their legal counsel. Proverbs 15-22 states, “Plans fail for lack of counsel…” and our practice is our mission. That is to assist and advocate on your behalf, to lend wise counsel, and to help you achieve and find peace. Whether you’ve been injured in an automobile accident or slip and fall, suffered harm at the hands of a faulty product or medical device, or are facing financial straits, Joshua and his staff have the experience necessary to guide you along the path to obtain peace. Lean on us.

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Your best interest is our only motivation. Our own client testimonials are highly valued and never taken lightly. Read what some of our clients and referring attorneys have had to say about us.

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Top Attorney, Birmingham Magazine

Joshua C. Snable was named by Birmingham Magazine as one of the city’s Top Attorneys. Being recognized by one’s peers, by such a respected publication, is an honor and distinction that Joshua does not take lightly.

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You are more than just a client— You are part of our extended family. Our practice is not just a job, but rather it’s our mission. Our mission is your success, period. Along with Joshua, we have a highly competent and compassionate staff, who are ready, willing and more than able to assist you during this difficult and trying time. We want your trust, and we will never take that calling lightly.

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Snable Law, LLC is a law firm dedicated to advocating for the citizens of Alabama. Helping people is a passion of its founder, Joshua C. Snable, Attorney. We have the necessary experience to handle your matter. We've represented thousands of clients throughout the State of Alabama. We want to help!

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Snable Law, LLC, is dedicated to assisting those citizens who have been “injured,” in the very broad sense of the word. Personal injury cases involve anything from auto and truck accidents to slip and fall (premises liability) incidents. While those are the most common, there are a multitude of other situations that may involve injury to the person, including dog bite cases, medical malpractice, and products liability. In these cases, there is either a negligent third-party or an unsafe product or condition that caused another's injuries. 

In any credit-based monetary transaction, there is a creditor-debtor relationship created. Whether it's buying a home or car, signing a cell phone contract, or swiping a credit card for daily purchases, you have created a relationship with the creditor/lender. Now, big banks and lenders have their attorneys on the payroll to see to it that their rights are protected. Then, shouldn't you, as the debtor or consumer, also have “your attorney” looking out for your rights?

Personal Injury & Accident Lawyers

Personal Injury or auto accidents occur, often, without any warning. Insurance companies are aimed at protecting their interest in limiting the claims that they pay. You deserve counsel to look out for you and see to it that your rights are protected…

Bankruptcy & Debtor's Rights Attorneys

Financial distress can befall anyone. Any one of life's twists and turns (e.g. sickness, divorce, job loss, etc.) can throw one's financial household into complete disarray. Don't stay up at night consumed with worry-- call us today for a FREE CONSULTATION. We'll take the time to listen, actually and truly listen, to your situation, and help you devise a plan for the future. That may or may not involve filing under a chapter of bankruptcy, but let us be the ones to guide and assist you...

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This is where we come in. Should you feel that you need legal counsel in any of the following scenarios, including Personal Injury, Bankruptcy, Credit Reporting Errors, Debt Collection Abuse, or any other multitude of situations that may arise, we want to be ones you lean on for support, guidance and representation. You will find that our experience and reputation speak for itself. Contact us today for a FREE CONSULTATION. We want to help!

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We are conveniently located on historic Highland Avenue, in Birmingham's Southside. We offer in-person, telephonic or video conferencing in our consultations to better accommodate you and the many demands on your time. We remain on the cutting edge in today's highly technological world. We are steadfast in our commitment to our clients, their needs and requests. Contact us today for your FREE CONSULTATION. We want to help!

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