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Why Snable Law?

Here, you are more than just a client— YOU MATTER. RESULTS MATTER.

Our practice is not just a job, it’s a mission. Our mission is your success, period. Along with Joshua, we have a highly professional, knowledgeable and compassionate staff who are ready, willing and more than able to assist you during this difficult and trying time.

We want your trust.

We want you for a lifetime, not just for one case. We want to be there for you time and time again. This is not work, this is real life, where you matter. Results matter.

This is our calling.

And, we will never take that calling lightly.

Joshua C. Snable - Snable Law, LLC


Learn more about Joshua and our different areas of practice. From Auto Accidents and Slip & Fall incidents, to injuries resulting from Misfilled Prescriptions, Medical Malpractice, and Dog Attacks, we have the knowledge, the passion and the experience to help.



We think Joshua is pretty great, but don’t just take it from us. See what our clients have to say about Snable Law. We get RESULTS!

Joshua C. Snable - Snable Law, LLC

Come Meet Us

We want to be ones you lean on for support, guidance and representation. There is no cost to come in, meet with us and get a free evaluation of your situation. Call today!


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