Auto Accidents

“I never saw it coming…”

The moments after an auto accident can be a scary time. Do you know what to do? Our checklist is included in the blog section HERE.

You should know that insurance companies exist primarily to protect their own interests. This is especially true when it comes to automobile and personal injury accidents, as the payouts can be large and the insurance company would like to avoid that whenever possible. They might contact you immediately after an accident – sometimes while you're still receiving treatment – and will ask all sorts of questions. Depending upon the issue in question, they might even ask you to sign some documents. Do not sign or say anything without speaking to an attorney! We can help you determine exactly what you might be signing as well as what kind of impact speaking with the company might have upon your case.

We’ve written much, much more on this subject, but have relegated that to the Blog. Visit it here or click below to read the particular entry.

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  • Uninsured and Under-insured motorist coverage- Plain and simple, it is there to protect you in cases where the at-fault driver has either no insurance or has insufficient coverage to pay for your bodily injuries and associated damages.  

  • Is Your Insurer Friend or Foe- The answer is -- both, possibly. Click to read more, where we expound on subject.


Premises Liability

“I never thought I’d be in this situation…”

Premises Liability refers to a group of cases where one is injured on the property of another. Common premises liability cases are slip and fall cases and dog bite cases. Any injury on the property owned or operated by another can fall under this umbrella term, though.

In order to successfully prove a premises liability case, you must show the following:

  • the owner or occupier of the property had a duty to protect;

  • the owner/occupier breached that duty;

  • the breach caused an injury; and,

  • you suffered some physical, mental or emotional harm.

The duty owed to you depends on your status. If you are going onto the property of another for their financial gain, then you are called an invitee. A social guest is coined a “licensee,” and there is always that pesky trespasser.

Time is of the essence in most injury cases, and that is no different in premises liability cases. Medical care is, as always, a paramount concern. Secondly, insurers need to be placed on notice, and evidence of the scene of the injury needs to be preserved.

Failure to act immediately may make it extremely difficult or impossible to prove your claim. Call us today and we’ll take the time to sit down with you and discuss your potential claim.


 Dog Bite


“He was always the sweetest dog until one day…”

Dogs can be amazing pets. They can also cause enormous pain and suffering when they act aggressively. In Alabama, a dog owner is strictly liable for damages caused by their dog, which means that the injured does not have to show that the owner knew or should have known that their dog was likely to cause injury. Most homeowner’s insurance policies will cover losses suffered by those injured by another’s dog.

We’ve successfully prosecuted claims for injured parties against aggressive dog owners. We want to be the one’s you turn to in such dire times. If you’ve been injured by another’s dog, don’t hesitate to call our office today for a free consultation.

Misfilled Prescriptions


“I have always used this pharmacy in the past…”

Chain pharmacies fill hundreds of prescriptions a day. Often, pharmacies rely upon technicians to fill the void for lack of qualified pharmacists. Therefore, it is not uncommon for a customer to receive the wrong dosage or the entirely wrong prescription. The results of such negligence on behalf of the pharmacy can lead to substantial, unwanted side-effects, and the effects can be catastrophic and deadly

Medical Malpractice

“My life has never been the same since the surgery…”

Medical Malpractice actions happen when a hospital, doctor or other healthcare professional cause an injury to a patient either by their own negligence or omission. The injury can be can be a result of failure to properly diagnose a condition, failure to properly treat, or failure in the health management of a patient

In order to satisfy the requirement under the Alabama Medical Liability Act (“AMLA”), the injured party must show the following:

  • That the hospital, doctor or healthcare professional breached the applicable standard of care;

  • That an injury was proximately caused by this breach; and,

  • That the injury is fairly significant.

 Motorcycle & Cycling Accidents

Motorcycles and cyclists share the road with cars, and large trucks. To some, these cyclists may be a nuisance, or not even be able to properly view them. However, the roads are shared amongst all who lawfully travel on them. Catastrophic injury and death is often the result if a motorcycle or cyclists comes into contact with another truck or automobile. If you’ve been a victim of a motorcycle or cycling accident, don’t wait… call us today! We’ll immediately disburse our team to investigate the scene, gather critical evidence and see to it that your claim is preserved.

Defective Products

The three main types of product defects are design defects, manufacturer defects, and defects in instructions or warnings. The legal remedy for injuries sustained from a defective consumer product vary from case to case.

  • Defects in Design – Example: A bicycle manufacturer's design specifies brake cables that tend to come apart when the rider applies the brakes during normal use.

  • Defects in Manufacturing – Example: A car has an accelerator that is prone to sticking, due to a defective manufacturing process, creating the possibility of a serious accident and injuries or death.

  • Defects in Warnings – Example: An adequate written warning is required for a space heater that is prone to overheating and causing a fire hazard if left on for more than 12 hours.

  • Other Common Defects and Recalls:

    • Defective Medical Devices

    • Vehicle Recalls and Defects

    • Dangerous Baby and Kids' Products

    • Dangerous Drugs

    • Toxic Chemicals and Materials

    • Dangerous Foods

    • Dangerous Consumer Products 


 Bankruptcy & Consumer Law

Due to the overwhelming information involving Bankruptcy (Chapters 7, 11 and 13) and Consumer Protection Law (Fair Credit Reporting Act, Fair Debt Collections Practices Act, et al.), we have a separate site completely dedicated to these areas of practice. You can locate that site by clicking here or by typing